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Youth & Communities Programme

" We see Young People as the solution, NOT the Problem"

naomipainting Bronwyn & Deputy Mayor Donna

Since 1997, the Youth and Community Programme has worked alongside practitioners, children, young people and families, to identify gaps in provision and support, then develop programmes to meet those needs. This way of working encourages original ideas and practices which foster creative achievement in young people who may otherwise suffer through lack of opportunity, lack of aspiration or self-belief.

The Coalition Youth and Community Programme seeks to develop young people to their fullest potential

The Youth & Community Programmes have ran a number of successful projects over the years, including:


It’s a Sharp Life

This project was a interactive drama workshop with the aim to prevent Knife Crime and to dispel the myth Knife Crime is an issue in the North East.


Odysseus Mentoring Project

OMP has been in existence since 1999. The project has never stood still but has evolved and developed to meet need. We are continually evaluating the project and seek feedback from mentees, mentor and referral workers on how the service can be improved.  Since its inception OMP has worked with over 400 young people. OMP is extremely successful in preventing and reducing offending behaviour and on average 80% of the children/young people mentored do not offend or reoffend. Other benefits include; raising aspiration and motivation, raising self confidence and self-esteem and establishing children/young people in education, training or employment as well as rebuilding family relations.

We have recently launched an exciting extension of OMP- ‘OMP Plus’. OMP Plus will provide mentoring support to; Young People in a Young Offenders Secure Unit and during the critical period from transition in to resettlement.