Northumbria Coalition

Against Crime

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Registered Charity Number 702756



Join Us

Friends you help us in a variety of ways

1. Join us! Become members: Just simply use the contact page


2. Renew their membership: Ongoing support is vital.


3. Make donations: Even the smallest of donations can make a big difference.


4. Volunteer: All of our youth programme mentors are volunteers. Perhaps you could give up some of your time to help a young person.


5. Provide facilities: We're always on the look out for equipment or for places to run workshops and hold meetings. Could you help?


6. Sponsor events: Publicising their support for our work.


7. Do sponsored whatevers: Marathons, bike rides, bungee jumps or even sitting in a bath full of beans. Whatever!


8. Promote our work: Let others in the region know about our work.


We'd really like to hear from you if you could do any of the above.