Northumbria Coalition

Against Crime

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Registered Charity Number 702756



About Us

Northumbria Coalition Against Crime is a registered charity, set up in March 1990 as a partnership between business, community, voluntary and statutory sectors, with a mission to reduce crime, anti-social and unacceptable behaviour in the North East.


25 years on our objectives remain the same today;

  • Reduce Crime - Working in partnership to reduce crime and fear of crime

  • Increase Confidence - Helping to ensure sustainable economic growth

  • Protect Communities - Developing pro-active programmes to meet need

  • Encourage Youth - Helping children & young people to grow and develop in the right direction


Our work divides into two distinct, but complementary parts:

  • Youth & Community Programme

  • Business Crime Reduction


By taking positive steps towards safeguarding people, premises and property, NCAC encourages communities to work together to protect the places where we live, work and play.